See the dark side at Very Bad Form !

I believe that I do

Rather, I want to know Him and be found in Him. I want to bring a smile to His face and warmth to His heart. And I believe that I do.. But real Italian food has moved on immeasurably thanks to chefs Italian or otherwise who are genuinely, passionately proud of Italy’s cucina casalinga, home […]

I walked

The fourth wing should celebrate our multicultural community the story of migration to South Australia and migrants’ contributions and achievements in South Australia. I know we have a Migration Museum but it’s time to upgrade, expand and renew the celebration. South Australia’s wonderful multicultural harmony needs to be put up in lights and shown to […]

dramatic scenery

DEA records reviewed by The Associated Press show that the amount of seized meth jumped from slightly more than 4,000 pounds in 2007 to more than 16,000 pounds in 2011. During that same period, the purity of Mexican meth shot up too, from 39 percent in 2007 to 88 percent by 2011, according to DEA […]