See the dark side at Very Bad Form !

trump and netanyahu preview the future of us

This is a joke, right? Your notation is missing vital information how far do you turn a side, 90 degrees or 180? And how exactly am I supposed to turn the sphere 45 degrees and then turn a side when none of the axis face me with the sphere rotated 45 degrees? You should seriously […]

Forget about the guys who were injured

Forget about the guys who were injured, forget about the guys who were traded. You’re playing with the guys that you have. And they, just a week ago, ten days ago, played a perfect game against Golden State, and unfortunately for them, they didn’t get the call at the end of the game.

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With the PG279Q and the XB271HK (both IPS) I can honestly tell you the only thing better about them than the PG278Q (TN) monitor I had (when viewing from head on while gaming) aside from the resolution of the HK is the contrast. Viewing angles become an issue on these IPS monitors because of the […]

Calgary always brings it against us

Calgary always brings it against us, and now you going to see a little bit of desperation. We going to have to be at our best. Those season opening losses, Saskatchewan beat opponents 16 8, 16 12, 15 11, 21 12 and 8 7. The live auction was a huge success. One of the items […]