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“And, as part of our community program, we give back to charitable organizations in the form of people, products and resources. With reading and emails from home, then I go to the office or a breakfast/coffee meeting. The rest of the day is spent on strategy, one on one meetings to support team members, meetings […]

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No real surprises in Division 1 North, though there was drama in Cambridge as the Falcons rallied to win 5 2 on a three run homer by Mookie Nelson in the last of the ninth. We will get our much awaited rematch of the Division 1 North final in the quarters as St. John’s Prep […]

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“In this same report, Mr Dickens thanked the Home Office for the way in which the information he provided was handled and said in a speech to the House of Commons on 31 March 1987: ‘ I should like to place on record my thanks to the Home Office and the departments within the Home […]

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Her film Lion in the House (with Steven Bognar) premiered at Sundance, screened nationally on PBS, was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award and won the Primetime Emmy for Merit in Nonfiction Film making. It also premiered on HBO, and at the Telluride Film Festival. Reichert co wrote and directed the feature film and Elvis, […]

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Many of the places that ticked all the boxes aren surprising: San Francisco, West Hollywood, New York and Provincetown, Mass. But 22 of them Louisville, Ky., Atlanta and St. Louis located in more conservative states that don have non discrimination protections for LGBT people.

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She also volunteers in women shelters and is the first to step forward to man a blood drive or head up another needy cause. While Courtney was at Boston College Nursing School, she was elected by her peers as class president and earned 2 of the 10 awards given at graduation. To provide care for […]

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Follow are some examples on how to desensitize a dog to water, but keep an eye on your dog for signs of getting uncomfortable. Go too fast and you put up your dog for failure. If you are going too fast, take a step back and find a more gradual approach.

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True monotheism, which Christianity claims to be but is not, encompasses a God that is truly omniscient, neither male nor female, and at the same time, both; a God that is truly omnipotent, who controls all and yet nothing because the world would run this way because there is no other way; a God that […]