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Florida Administrative Judge David Eddy

February 14, 2010 Addendum I sent the following email to David Ellspermann & Administrative Judge, David Eddy on 2/13/10 February 13, 2010 To: Judge David Eddy, David Ellspermann Subject: Censorship & Confiscation of information informing citizens of one of their basic rights Sovereignty Action has distributed information on the doctrine of Jury Nullification at the […]

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders

“WA Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders Authors Significant Gun Rights Ruling

March 4, 2010

by Alan M. Gottlieb

The Washington State Supreme Court has issued a precedent-setting opinion in the case of State v. Christopher William Sieyes which holds that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights “applies to the states […]

Welcome to VeryGoodForm

VeryGoodForm has been created as a free speech site to provide a juried public commons where people can post the names, locations, and documentation of those public servants who are keeping their oath of office, maintaining their position of public trust, and recognizing the highest laws of this nation.

Whether they are politicians, bureaucrats, police […]