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Florida Administrative Judge David Eddy

February 14, 2010 Addendum
I sent the following email to David Ellspermann & Administrative Judge, David Eddy on 2/13/10
February 13, 2010
To: Judge David Eddy,  David Ellspermann
Subject: Censorship & Confiscation of information informing citizens of one of their basic rights
Sovereignty Action has distributed information on the doctrine of Jury Nullification at the Marion County Courthouse for the last two weeks.
Ms. Ruby Moore has been confiscating this information.
We would like to know under whose authority this is being done, and if the information is to continue to be confiscated in the future?
Respectfully,   Dr. Robert Dreyfus
On February 13,  we received an email with a PDF file from Judge Eddy’s office addressed to the State’s Attorney, Public Defender et al Marion County Judges and David Ellspermann’s office dated February 8th 2010 !!!   that said in part:

“Based on principles of free speech, I believe that whoever is distributing the handouts in question has a right to do so.
Accordingly, I see no reason why the handouts must be excluded from the jury assembly room.  I believe we may trust jurors to follow the law as instructed by the judge.”

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